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Anatomy of an IRC Trojan / Bot / Backdoor

As the security freak of the company, I often find gems in access or errorlogs. Sometimes a plain old scanner, sometimes very sophisticated spiders. What most of the payloads have in common is: they are oftentimes obfuscated, ‘optimised’, encoded and what not. We recently began using modsecurity more aggressively and immediately the logs began filling […]

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PWB / PWK OSCP course

I took the PWB and that was a wild ride!

Lots of stuff covered in the screencasts; the same and some more in the course pdf.

This is not for the feint-hearted, though, and you need to have some developingskills in order to keep with the speed (aka $End_of_lab_time – NOW()) as the labs really are the key.

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PWB has started!

So it has begun… Received my course material past sunday and I am happy to start! I succesfully connected to labs, but not after a ceremonial: root@kali:/#apt-get remove nessus root@kali:/#apt-get update root@kali:/#apt-get upgrade

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Offensive Security Certified Professional

So lately I’ve been researching the courses the guys behind BT (Offensive Security) have to offer and came to the conclusion that the OSCP-certification, with the precursor course “Penetration Testing with Backtrack” would be a fun way to dive into the wonderful world of PenTesting.

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Hacker Challenges

Wow. It has been quite some time since my last update here. I might aswell start using this place a little bit more often… Today’s topic will be about: Hacker challenges(the puzzle-kind). Back in 2001, there was a website which intrigued me, made me look up all kinds of information on the internet and had […]

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Finally Certified!

My adventures doing the Zend PHP5 Certication exam.

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Personal Blog Online

Heya all, I finally took it up and pushed myself to make a blog about myself. I will be using this place to share links, projects, resume and some non-organised stuff I feel I have to share with the netizens. If you want to share something, dump a link or hire me: feel free to […]

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