Zend Certified Engineer PHP5

Today I got to do the Zend PHP5 Certification exam.
In preperation for it, I took the courses described in my previous post and I did the Vulcan mock exam 6 times (and passed it 6 times).

When I arrived at the test-centre, I got to know I was the only candidate, and I could take the exam anytime I wanted (read: earlier). My bag was taken in and then I was seated in a room with a computer, a plastic notepad and a sharpie.
No camera’s and totally alone, I could have looked up anything on my phone with internet, but I did not: I can’t tell customers with a straight face I’m a ZCE if I would’ve looked up some questions.

Anyways, I was faced with an application which looked like an old Windows 95 app, but at least with a decent mouse. Zend could improve a lot in upgrading the interface, but I guess that’s not in their hand: Pearson handles and administrates the exams. Vulcan looks neater, and works way faster, but to give credit to the Zend app: they indent their code-snippets better. The questions I got tasked with were not really different in complexity or obscurity than the mock exam, so I was done in about 35 minutes. I looked over the answers, and could fill in some blanks after I saw the same keyword later in another question. The Zend app gives you the opportunity to go to the previous questions and change answers, so the review-checkmark doesn’t always have to be checked to review a previous questions.

The most eye-twitching moment was when I hit the “End exam” – button: the computer started to rattle heavily and I got to see a dialog in which it calculated the score (just a progressbar) while I had covered my eyes in frustration. Aarrrgghh!! Finally it stated I had passed the exam: Hooray! while I was alone in my genuine enjoyment. Strolling to the desk I got to pick up my score report.

Now I’m facing a different challenge: to determine what the ZCE is worth. I could not find any good posts about it on the interwebs, but I guess I’ll have to find out by mere experience.

If there are any questions in relation to the exam, ask them!