As an avid fan of hackerchallenges and wargames (rootthisbox kind of games) in general, I have been using BackTrack/Kali for quite a while now.

Packed with all kinds of 3rd party tools focussed on Digital Forensics & PenTesting it was a true playground for me and I must say I know my way around in BT a bit and the possibilities it offers in the PenTesting world.

In my daily job, I work as a webdeveloper with a slight tin-foil hat on, because of my root in the security world, which my employer is very grateful of. I also am very interested in how I can secure myself and be as private as possible on the stuff that matters to me (SSL, TOR, TrueCrypt, etc, etc).

So lately I’ve been researching the courses the guys behind BT (Offensive Security) have to offer and came to the conclusion that the OSCP-certification, with the precursor course “Penetration Testing with Backtrack” would be a fun way to dive into the wonderful world of PenTesting.

Reviews are all around (almost all of them very positive) and I must say I’m intrigued by the way the course gets you direct hands-on experience and the 24-hours exam is basically a black box labelled with “Figure it out” unlike the other security certifications floating around.

I hope I’ll learn a lot, but I’m already reprogrammed with a new motto I “heard somewhere”: “Try Harder”