So it has begun…

Received my course material past sunday and I am happy to start!

I succesfully connected to labs, but not after a ceremonial:

root@kali:/#apt-get remove nessus
root@kali:/#apt-get update
root@kali:/#apt-get upgrade

Nessus is a great tool, but I wanted to be able to know the underlying tools better and you’re not allowed to use it during examination (or so I was told). So I, after a review recommending me to, removed the future and opted to not getting too used to it.

I also need to get used to do the reporting-part, but the guide brings me up te speed quite quickly on that.

Does anyone recommend a good note-tool other than KeepNote?

I’ve read through some basic BackTrack stuff, some of which is completely obsolete with Kali being it’s successor, but nothing really surprising up till now.

From what I’ve seen uptill now, this course really requires basic Linux experience and programming experience is not a luxury either.

For now I’ll try harder.